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The North Captiva Fishing Lady Guides and Teaches Ultimate Onshore Fishing.

In the world's best inshore/backbay fishery, The Pine Island Sound.

Expert Guide Service

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If you are a real saltwater/inshore fisherman who needs access to the freshest live bait, latest lures, and years of local knowledge and insight, Joanne is the only real local choice.  Award-winning strategies - secret locations - hands-off guide service.  Experts only please.  Call for specifications...

Day & Night Fishing Trips

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All the fun and action of our day trips with the added excitement of night fishing excursions.  When the trophy fish come in to feed at night, Joanne will have you ready for the fight of a lifetime!  These are trophy fish of all species which school in Joanne's exclusive hotspots. 

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Complete Island Vacation

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Complete says it all.  Call Joanne to take full advantage of her years of island experience to select the right home (with adjacent fishing hotspot), when to book, what to bring, and what to expect.  Then enjoy island life at its finest including beach, fishing, nature, and dining with the freshest local ingredients.  Just call...

Fishing, Filets, Foodie Photos

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Maybe you want all of the freshest fish and island treats without too much baiting and hooking and cleaning...  If the knife is as much your tool of choice as the rod, you're in luck!  Joanne is an accomplished chef, photographer, and local organic food expert as well.  Your experience will be perfectly yours.

Full Family Fishing Fun

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Joanne will treat your entire family, no matter how young or old, to the fishing experience of a lifetime.  Gentle daytime excursions introduce new fishermen to nature, sea life, and the fun of onshore fishing.  Perfect for all ages.  Multiple-day trips available.  Call us to build your family's dream vacation.

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